Houston Engagement Photographer – Salomon & Valerie


Loved capturing the beautiful engagement story of Salomon & Valerie! This session had scenes that showed different styles of their great looking couple. Starting off classy vibes at Sara’s Inn…a 100 year+ old Victorian mansion…which is located in the Heights area of downtown Houston. Up next were the cool city vibes which we documented with the Houston skyline in the background. During these scenes we enjoyed watching Salomon & Valerie being cool as if on their own styled date night. The last scene was bohemian focused which allowed them to just be romantic towards each other within the beauty of nature with light dripping through the trees.

Valerie’s Words: ”
Salomon and I have always had this fire between us and we both knew from the very beginning that there was something special to hold on to. Our love is definitely like a Telenovela, its full of emotions and you never know what to expect! Our favorite things are music, dancing, and tequila! He is constantly trying to make me laugh which is my favorite thing about him, I think I’m pretty funny too but he’ll never admit it. He is the only person that can irritate me and make me love him again in the span of 10 minutes. Believe it or not, saying yes to Salomon was the easiest decision I’ve ever had to make, cliché I know! But he has always showed me the love and romance I dreamt of as a little girl. “