Houston COVID-19 Engagement Photographer – Tristan & Rachel Luxury Home Session


We love documenting people in love!! Here is a beautifully special 2nd engagement session we had the opportunity to capture of Tristan & Rachel at a Luxury Home provided by @TheLuxeDesignGroup!

Couples Words: “

It’s not breaking news anymore. that COVID-19 has been incredibly stressful and overwhelming for many people around the world. Everything has changed for everyone, no one really knows what to do, how to plan, what tomorrow will bring… the uncertainty has definitely caused more stress than anything. Especially for a couple who is planning for their July wedding. Tristan and I have been shelter-in-place since March 4th, I have been fortunate enough to become business in my work from home role as a medical education professional, streamlining our medical programs online for our healthcare providers, and Tristan has unfortunately been unable to open his tutoring center since spring break. So, sharing a work/home space with your partner for almost 4 straight months can be hard… My graduation ceremony was postponed, we both had to cancel our international bachelorette and bachelor parties, in addition to not knowing what our July wedding will look like if it will even happen at all…

But what has remained certain is the love that Tristan and I share and how strong our support for one another has been during this difficult time. It is easy to be discouraged by what’s happening but when you look at what and who you have beside you in all this… puts it into perspective. I wanted to do a “home couple’s COVID-19 shoot” to have something beautiful and special to look back on when we think of this year… beyond what we may or may not have missed out on… we have these special photos to capture how much fun and how
many memories we DID make at home. Choosing to look at what we came out of those pandemic together with, instead of all the experiences we missed… we are thankful to have each other everyday, and this pandemic has only brought us closer in faith, trust, and love.”