Galveston Engagement Photographer – Lucas & Olivia


Beautiful overcast days in Galveston are great for engagement sessions! We love these photographs of Lucas & Olivia which document the couple’s love of the vintage island. Starting off in a relaxed nature scene made space for these two to show how much they love each other since this type of environments focus on couple interaction. The vintage Galveston strand with its unique architecture and Lucas & Olivia styling in classic outfits was the next scene combination. Since there wasn’t much traffic on the Strand I made sure to capture a few frames of them standing on the brick laced roads of the Strand. The last scene of their engagement focused on documenting the romantic beach vibes under and around the Galveston Pleasure Pier. The beach frames were fabulous because of their chemistry. Some of my favorite moments were documenting their kiss with the fiery Galveston sunset in the background.