Miami Beach Engagement Photographer – Gary & Erin


Gary and I met in New Orleans, Louisiana in August of 2013. I always joke that it was love at first sight because the night we first met we also shared our first kiss. I was working in New Orleans as a local television broadcaster and Gary was visiting from Nashville, Tennessee on a brief work trip. It was truly serendipity that we ever crossed paths but from the moment it happened we became inseparable. Five years later, we are planning the wedding of our dreams on December 8th, 2018 in Winter Park, Florida. As much as we love the sophisticated romance of our wedding venue and our first engagement shoot, we wanted to create some intimate and authentic images that capture our life in Miami. For our second engagement shoot with CivicPhotos we visited Espanola Way, a colorful and vibrant part of South Beach. This is a place we’ll visit for lunch and people watching on the weekends. We finished the shoot at the modern and luxurious COMO Metropolitan Hotel. We love the art deco interior design of the rooms and tropical oasis vibes by the pool. The session was a blast to create and we could not be more pleased with the final images. No matter what the future holds for us and where we might live in the future, we will always have these memories of Miami captured through the lens of CivicPhotos.