Travel Photographer – Spain, France, Italy & Montenegro


This is Barett of CivicPhotos, and this was my trip to Spain, France, Italy & Montenegro!

How anticipated Yorlin & myself were to go on a Mediterranean cruise which would take us to some of the most amazing areas in Southern Europe. Cities & Areas such as Barcelona, Nice, Florence, Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Venice & Kotor! Such history could be found at every corner of our journey so it was non-stop excitement. The beautiful water of the Mediterranean, the clear blue skies and the majestic mountain ranges were like the recipe for a favorite dessert made perfectly every time! The colorful buildings had such a classical beauty about them and the natural greenery which would grow on the walls of small towns was just timeless. My favorite city was probably Venice because of the lasagna!!! After this vacation I feel so much growth as a photographer because of being privileged to capture such iconic beautiful scenery! This vacation really made me appreciate the beauty of architectural and nature based compositions.