Travel Photographer – Miami, Key West & Havana Cuba


We decided to take a cruise through the Caribbean for our 9th wedding anniversary. This adventurous journey would begin in the tropical city of Miami with us taking a weeklong cruise to some of the beautiful islands in the Gulf of Mexico. We love how the beautiful shades of water changed as the Atlantic Ocean meets the Gulf. The first destination was Key West Florida which was a nice warm-up with us walking through the town checking out the various tropical scenes. The Main course destination was Havana Cuba so when we got there we took an overview tour of the city on the first day which involved checking out Art Markets and classic houses like the Ernest Hemingway home. The second day was the highlight of the trip since we got to have a private tour in our personal vintage American car. It was quite memorable cruising through downtown Havana, the urban jungle and the various Havana Hot spots! Visiting Cuba was quite an experience…there are many things about it that remind you that it’s just another Caribbean island and there is nothing wrong with that however I must say that a lot of the architecture, art and vintage cars are quite unique to the largest Caribbean island…Cuba.