Post Oak Hotel Engagement Photographer – Tristan & Rachel


When Tristan and Rachel met, something they had always noticed they had in common was that they both loved classic and timeless appeal over trendy and seasonal. They are also both incredibly “extra” to say the least and are able to pull inspiration from each other in everything they do. 
Rachel, a former Miss Texas, has always had a special appreciation for photos and loved portraits and a lot of the inspiration for the overall theme that she wanted for their engagement shoot was a combination of the regal grace and elegance of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s engagement pictures with the fierceness of Jay-Z and Beyoncé. The Post Oak Hotel in Uptown Houston immediately resonated with the couple for their dream wedding venue and it worked out favorably that after the original engagement venue fell through, during their weekend staycation at the Post Oak Hotel, they were granted special access to the exclusive and luxurious Presidential Suite and property to photograph their entire engagement session. The Post Oak hotel exemplifies grace, class, and elegance; all the qualities that they wanted to capture in their engagement photos. With the help of their photographer, he was able to capture their overall vision and executed it perfectly. By using subtle details from various locations in the hotel he captured the fun, innocent, and intimate moments that they will cherish forever.