Houston Engagement Photographer – Markus & Natalie Engagement at Julia Ideson


We love documenting proposal sessions!!!! This beautiful proposal took place at the majestically beautiful Julia Ideason Library building which opened in 1926! Markus brought Natalie to the museum under the idea that they were touring the venue for their 2019 wedding so after he took a few selfie’s with her he approached me…”the random photographer”…and asked me to take a picture of them with his cellphone. Once he turned around he started his proposal while he walked slowly back to Natalie!!!

Natalie’s Words: “I am absolutely blown away!  As far as I knew, we were there to tour the Library for a potential wedding venue for the following year. However, Markus had a surprise for me up his sleeve. As he asked a “by stander aka Barett” to get a picture of us outside this beautiful building, he kneeled down on one knee and proposed. Immediately after I said yes, Markus lead us in prayer, which filled my heart with even more joy.The pictures and overall experience from beginning to end was phenomenal. Thank you Civic Photos for capturing our beautiful moment.”