Chateau Polonez Wedding Photographer – A Toast to Love


Wedding stories are fun to tell since they take something as beautiful as love…dress it up…style it…add beautiful décor around it and then make it the focus of attention for any entire day. This styled session at Chateau Polonez has love full on display with greenery and white lines to accent it. Hannah was dawned in a gorgeous wedding gown from Ivory Bridal Atelier while Dustin’s classic grey suit oozed stylish fashion. Her bridal bouquet from TnTflowers was stunning. The majestic daylight scene took place against an amazing linen backdrop flowing in the wind with nature surrounding.

As evening approaches Weddings turn more romantic and moody in lighting and tone. This type of feeling is on display at this styled session at Chateau Polonez with the amazing table setup…put together by Claudia of Day to Remember…being dimly lit with candles and tree lights. The lush green vibes of the table decorations blend seamlessly with the nature scenery in the background. Dustin and Hannah style with their evening wedding attire with Hannah wearing a classic gown from Ivory Bridal Atelier. The wine & desserts are the perfect touches to add some sweet & savory flavors to this session.

This shoot appears in the 2018 Spring / Summer Issue of Weddings in Houston Magazine.