A Photograph is Worth a Thousand Memories

A Memory can last for a Lifetime

Investment in your memories






This is a day you don't want to forget and for that reason we love documenting those timeless moments. Our goal is to capture photographs that are able to allow you to relive your special day even years after the big day has passed. The gift of storytelling which can be accomplished on a wedding day is second to none! Keep scrolling for more info on my three wedding timeless collections.

Starting at $3,000




Just you, your love and me as your storybook director for a two hours of laughs and get photography memories. Engagement shoots are the best way to get acquainted with the way I approach photography. They also allow you to become more familiar with having your photo taken for an extended period of time which is great practice for your wedding day! I like to make engagement shoots very customized to each couple and they usually results in them being SUPER FUN so let's do this!

Starting at $300




During the bridal session I want you to feel comfortable with expressing yourself how you truly are. I really want to make the session an experience which often involves planning out your particular session theme prior to taking any photographs! I have found that once we have a well thought out bridal session theme it usually allows you to be the most comfortable during the session since we will know exactly what to expect in terms of the vibes your bridal session will have captured!

Starting at $300

A Few More Details




Wedding Collections


The Most Elite Collection

Civic Collection Luxury

The Civic Collection Luxury has everything you could possibly need and MORE for complete wedding photography bliss! The goal of this package is to provide Full day coverage by Two Photographers along with some fantastic additions: a bridal session, an engagement session, 12 x 12 10-page Album & Two 24 x 36 Metallic Prints.


All the Essentials

Civic Collection Plus

I love the Civic Collection Plus since I think it covers all the essential bases. This package allows me to capture the moments you want photographed most throughout the whole photography experience. It includes Full day coverage by Two Photographers along with a session of your choice: a bridal session or an engagement session, One 24 x 36 Metallic Print.


Simplicity at its Finest

Civic Collection

Dont need an engagement or bridal session? No Problem!!! This collection is perfect for brides who aren't looking for extra thrills, but still wants all the important details captured. With Full day coverage by Two Photographers there won't be a problem covering those sweet moments on your wedding day!

Extra Reasons to Hire CivicPhotos


CivicPhotos Process

The Engagement Session

One of the most common things our new clients say attracted them to CivicPhotos is our vast variety of the styles of engagement sessions we capture. The reason for the variety is because we feel every couple has a unique story so we cater each engagement session to each couple which just about always results in different outfits, different settings and different interactions. The engagement sessions we capture focus mainly on the interaction of emotions between the couple and those emotions are beautiful 100% of the time!!


CivicPhotos Process

The Bridal Session

Bridal Sessions are my absolute FAVs!!! These session are so beautiful because of the excitement they capture. You as the bride will be styled in your beautiful wedding gown which is classic enough but when the added anticipation of the wedding day is added to the equation...many brides are full of smiles! These session also allow for the bride to become comfortable in their wedding gown which is very important since the centerpiece of every wedding day is the bride and her beautiful wedding gown!!


CivicPhotos Process

Our Approach to Weddings

We typically don't work on an hourly basis because of the way we want to document every wedding we shoot! Since most of our clients are first time brides they often don't know how much time they need of a photographer so we make this process easy by not limiting the time we use to capture you wedding day to hours. We usually like to meetup with the bride 3 to 4 hours before the ceremony to begin document their special moments and stay until they perform their wedding exit....if they are performing an exit! On a few occasions when couples don't want to do an exit and we have thoroughly documented their wedding reception party...we will exit before the actual end of the wedding reception. However 90% of the time we are there until the end of the wedding reception. This process has allowed us to be the most flexible when it comes to providing high quality photography moments for our clients for their very customized wedding day situation.


CivicPhotos Process

Getting Ready on the Wedding Day

This is when we love to arrive on your wedding day to document your beautiful details of your wedding outfits. Choosing a beautiful getting ready location which has excellent lighting is the best ingredients to starting off your wedding day documentation on a high note.


CivicPhotos Process

The Ceremony

During this portion of your wedding day we focus on documenting completely candid moments of your emotions as you experience the climax of your wedding day. We will capture your joy, tears, smiles and expressions you direct towards your significant other as well as numerous emotions of your friends and family!


CivicPhotos Process

The Wedding Party

These are the people that adjust your suit and fix your wedding dress....they are usually your closest friends and your biggest support on your wedding day...they are the Wedding Party!!! We love photographing newlyweds with their wedding party so we focus on covering all the bases. Once we are done with the formal photographs we love using your wedding party to create a unique situation which often leads to creating a completely unique photograph.


CivicPhotos Process

The Bride & Groom

The two most important people we want to photograph on weddings day are...the Bride & Groom. Whether it freezing time on your First Look or your Post Ceremony couple session we absolutely adore the emotions of a newly married couple! Every emotion captured right after the emotionally charged ceremony is something we treasure so we love mixing up the scenarios of candid, classic & romantic types of photographs that all turn out beautifully.


CivicPhotos Process

The Reception

Because of our vast experience in weddings we know exactly how to adapt to your wedding reception photography as the lighting changes from day to night. During your reception the documenting of you, your friends & family and your reception details are all things we will make sure to photograph. Even during this relaxed portion of your special event we still will continue striving to create artistic photographs which complete the storytelling of your wedding day.


CivicPhotos Style

Our Editorial Vision

We love Taking beautiful photographs!! We love Creating beautiful photographs! Its important to hire a photographer who is fully invested in every aspect of your wedding being captured with Style! Our vision is to approach every section of your wedding as part of a larger story so we value each environment that can be used in helping us capture that story. Weather its showing moody, candid, editorial, emotional or classic moments we certainly push ourselves to capture it all in a fashionable way which will look like an image that should be in a wedding magazine!


CivicPhotos Delivery Box

Wooden Box with Wedding USB Flash Drive Set

Your wedding day moments from the dress hanging to the makeup application to the laughs of your wedding party are the beginning of your story. We then capture every special moment which occurs throughout your ceremony...your vows and first kiss. Following are the timeless photographs we document of the newlywed couple and the fun & exciting reception afterwards!

What do we do with all these photographs?? We give them all to you edited in high resolution on a USB Flash Drive Set in this Wooden delivery box along with a copyright release with Full Printing rights!


CivicPhotos Wedding Album

Wooden & Leather Custom Cover Wedding Album

So your wedding day has come and went and you are ecstatic that you chose Civic Photos to document your special moments since there are countless amazing photographs! However something is missing…you want something to put on your coffee table to remind you of your wedding day!!! True…you can view your pictures on Facebook or Instagram however…there is something uniquely classic about holding in your hand…in printed form…a collection of heirloom moments from one of the most important days in your life. For that reason we are happy to create custom leather bound personalized Wedding Albums according to your individual taste with images carefully selected to represent your special wedding moments!!!