July 30, 2014

Chateau Cocomar Wedding Photographer – A Day of Love at Chateau Cocomar


There’s something to be said for making the first move. Just ask Houston bride Brittney—who may never have ended up with the love of her life if she hadn’t asked handsome Randy for his digits at that Southern Methodist University dorm icebreaker 10 years back. “We ended up talking for hours on end,” she recalls, “then officially started dating on Sept. 24, 2004…and the rest is history!” At the couple’s beautiful wedding Chateau Cocomar, the groom, whose family hails from Ghana, changed into traditional Ghanian clothing halfway through the reception and delighted in watching his family shower his bride in money—a Ghanian tradition that Brittney says, “was a complete surprise to me, but made for an awesome story and a unique experience at our wedding.”