We are Saul Munoz & Barett Henry and we love taking photographs of people in Love.

CivicPhotos was created for the purpose of documenting the Love of a couple starting with their engagement up until their Wedding Day. The uniting of Love between two individuals is often one of the Most Important and Happiest Times for many individuals. Freezing these beautiful Moments is at the center of importance for us as your photographer. Everything from detail shots to the first dance to the preparation of a Wedding is an opportunity we love to use to document the special Memories of Your Wedding Day. We strive to be truly an invaluable tool to Individuals in Love as their experience one of the happiest days of their lives.

Our style is what we like to call "Modern Vintage"...we love using the non-standard angles as well.

Great Photography is a two-step process...step one is the photographer visualizing a scene...step two is for the subject to bring that scene to life with their Attitude, Style, their Look or their Love. ** Our task is to freeze time on the **Memories you've Perfected.

Photography is much about Freezing Perfected Memories and magnifying even more the beauty of them. Being a collector of Memories…that’s my favorite task and something we Love doing with the assistance of a camera shutter.

We look forward to capturing your Unique Memories...

  • Saul Munoz & Barett Henry